The Best in Brows & Lashes

With women taking centre stage over the past couple of months, I’ve enjoyed reading about the multitude of female entrepreneurs we have in this country, including my very own friends, most of who have made huge successes of themselves and their businesses.

One of whom is Emma Brink, founder of the Lash & Beauty Room and Lash Master herself. I lost touch with her after school, but was referred to her by acquaintances for being the best in eyelash extensions in the Cape Town a couple of years ago, and I am grateful we connected again.

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Mesotherapy: The Ultimate ‘MedFacial’

Mesotherapy is a broad term used to describe the process of delivering active ingredients into the middle layer of the skin (mesoderm, hence the name mesotherapy), or into the fat cells. Mesotherapy is used to treat a large range of conditions such as skin ageing, stubborn fat pockets as well as scarring to name a few. I was interested in Mesotherapy from a pigmentation point of view as well as to achieve a vibrant glow because my skin has been looking a bit dull and tired recently.

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Boosting Appearances: !QMS Oxygen Facial

After promising myself a facial every 3 to 4 months, I made an appointment with Lindsay at the Lash & Beauty Room.
Upon arrival, Lindsay explained that I should have the SK Alpha facial because I had previously received the !QMS Classic Collagen facial and she wanted to try something more stimulating yet nourishing for my skin. The SK Alpha treatment helps brighten dull, sallow skin and stimulates the microcirculation of the skin. For me being extremely busy and athletic, she thought it was a good choice to brighten the skin and create a natural glow. This facial is also detoxifying, draining away toxins and helping clear up any spots that are on the skin and about to show up.

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React! New from Morgan Taylor

There is nothing better than having well manicured nails. Whether it be gelish or a standard paint, women always look and feel more elegant, confident and well looked after when their nails are done. However, for me it’s disheartening as I only feel this way for one or two days post manicure because my nail lacquer never lasts longer than those two days. I find I am extremely hard on my hands resulting in the nail lacquer chipping within a few days of the application. Training for triathlons and constantly being a bike mechanic together with the daily PR requirements, “long lasting” are two words that do not sit in my vocabulary.

When I heard about the new breakthrough technology from Morgan Taylor in the form of their new ‘long lasting’ base coat and top coat called REACT, I needed to investigate whether it was true or a marketing ploy to invest in yet another product.

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Hair Extensions: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hair extensions - Lifestyle of a PR

It was only a matter of time before I discovered hair extensions. Anyone who knows me will confirm that from a young age I have had an obsession with my hair. I began using box dye at the age of 13 and salon highlights from Standard 8. Yet it wasn’t the colour that was the problem. It was the lack of length and volume, which is a common frustration amongst women.

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