Lash Love: Eyelash Extensions

After a night out at Madame Zingara a few months ago, I fell in love with my fake lashes installed for me by Lindsay Dampster of Cosmetic Candy. I had that ‘uh huh’ moment when I realized after waking up looking amazing without make up that ‘This is how they do it” – the secret women have been carrying for all these years that I just never knew about.

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Creating a Façade: QMS Medicosmetics Premium Collagen Facial

QMS Medicosmetics Premium Collagen Facial

I have always been too busy to manage a skincare regime, but late last year I decided to invest in a range of good quality products to suit my skin type. After consulting with Lash Master and Somatologist Emma Brink, she recommended the QMS! Medicosmetics range. I purchased the Cleanser, Toner, 24 Hour Cream and the Sport Active moisturizer. However, to kick start my new skincare regime, she recommended the QMS! Medicosmetic Premium Collagen Facial.

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