Island Hopping in the Dodecanese

Some of us are lucky enough to have flexible jobs in that we can work from anywhere, which makes travelling anytime of the year more possible, and Summer is a great time to travel. And I don’t mean our Summer, I mean European Summer.

Last Summer two of our great friends were married in Greece. The plan was to meet in Bodrum, on the Turkish side and travel by Gullet around the Aegean Sea for 10 days.

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Turkish Delight: Istanbul, Turkey

When the opportunity presented itself to visit Turkey, more specifically Istanbul enroute to a friend’s wedding in Greece, I was excited but also a little nervous. The political unrest and rumours about the lack of safety over the years, especially between 2016 and 2018  left me feeling very uneasy, but on the flip side, Turkey was the 6th most visited country in 2015, so there really must be something special about it right? Right. It really is truly unique.

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Berlin: A Symbolic City of Reunification

Not being the biggest Math fan, I opted for Higher Grade History over Standard Grade Math in High School. Out of the 3 years of History studied, it was the topic of Germany that intrigued me the most. Over 200 millennia of stories comprising of WW2, Hitler, The Nazi’s, Kristallnacht, Propaganda, The Holocaust, The Berlin Wall, it was no wonder I achieved almost A’s in this subject. It wasn’t until my first visit to the country in December that made me realize just how special Berlin in particular, was.

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A Weekend of Bliss at Bliss Boutique Hotel

Bliss, Boutique, Hotel, Cape Town, Sunset Beach

My partner and I were recently invited to spend the weekend at the newly developed and recently launched Bliss Boutique Hotel situated in Sunset Beach, who have just been awarded 5-star grading by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa. Excited at the prospect of a mini getaway, we were even more delighted at the sight of this little piece of heaven right on our doorstep.

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