Perfect Brows: 6D Microblading

6D Microblading is something I have always heard of and been interested in, but never had the guts to do. The thought of anything permanently tattooed on my face by someone I don’t know completely freaked me out. When my old school friend Emma Brink from The Lash and Beauty Room told me she was now offering Microblading in her salon I decided to give it a go.

6D Microblading (also known as hair stroke brows, microstroking and micro pigmentation) is a form of permanent makeup and is a relatively new technique of enhancing the appearance of eyebrows. Microblading is performed with the use of an ultra-thin blade. This blade is a grouping of extremely fine needles affixed to a handle to manually create clean and crisp lines that resemble eyebrow hairs. Using a hand tool and blade, natural pigment is deposited into the upper dermal layer of the skin, making it semi-permanent for 1-2 years, depending on the skin type and lifestyle. This technique will give you thin and defined hair strokes opposed to the conventional permanent makeup machine which can create a solid and unnatural ‘draw on’ look. (What I had always feared)

How does it work?

Step 1 – Clean the face and apply numbing cream on to the brows. Wrap the forehead with cling wrap and wait 20 minutes for full effect of the numbing cream to take place.

Step 2 – Conduct a thorough medical Q&A with the beauty therapist and sign a consent form. Discuss colour, shape and the desired results.

Step 3 – Scientific measuring of the forehead to determine centre lines, start and finish of brows to ensure everything is 100% even.

Step 4 – Begin microblading

Step 5 – Rub brow area with colour dye cream

Step 6 – Repeat step 4 & 5 – the number of times the actual microblading is repeated depends on each patient. I only repeated once. Some patients require 2 -3 repeats.

Step 7 – Clean off all excess dye and apply Bepanthen cream to brows.

Emma Brink Lash and Beauty Room Microblading


For the first 5 days your eyebrows must not be touched or rubbed and certainly must not get wet. This is to preserve the colour of your brows. Depending on how well your skin takes to the colour, determines how much the colour fades, which is why after 4 weeks you will need to make another appointment for touch ups.

I was always unhappy with my eyebrows because the right side had always been lower then the left. Even with botox, I just couldn’t get them 100% even. It did take a few days to get used to the “new me” in the mirror, but now I absolutely love my brows! The colour has faded slightly, but now they are fuller, darker and symmetrical. The only maintenance I need to do is light plucking to keep them in shape.

I am very sensitive around the eyes, and even though numbing cream was applied, I still experienced some discomfort. It wasn’t pain, but very similar to having a tattoo.  4 weeks later I went for a follow up and found quite a bit of the colour faded, so we topped up with just the dark brown as opposed to the dark brown and honey blonde mix from the initial treatment. I found the follow up a bit more painful than the first, but beauty is pain and that being said, I would still go back and do it again as the results are amazing.

The benefits:

  • Perfect Brows
  • No more tinting / shading
  • No more waxing
  • No more un-eveness
  • The constant comments on how great my brows look!

Cost: R 2500 for initial appointment
4 Week Refill: R1250

Find The Lash & Beauty Room at 2 Crescent Road, Cnr Crescent and Constantia Main Road, Wynberg.
@LashBeautyRoom on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook

Watch the video here:

6D Microblading Cape Town



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