The Perfect Fit: What’s your bra size?

Inner Secrets Lingerie review by Lifestyle of a PR

After always feeling uncomfortable with my bra’s, I decided to go into Inner Secrets Lingerie for an in-depth and professional fitting. Told by one of the staff members at the Cavendish Square Store Roxy, “Inner Secrets has just celebrated their 10th anniversary and their aim is to continue offer women a complimentary, professional and personal experience in the fitting and styling of all intimate apparel.” I knew I was in good hands!

Off we went into the change rooms where Roxy measured me in 2 different areas with a tape measure; on the bust and under the bust. When asked what size I thought I was (34C), ‘no’ she replied, ‘you are a 32E or 32DD and let me show you why!’

Step 1: BRA’S – Strap and Strapless

We tried on 10 different strapped bras from many different brands within the store, including Simone Perele, Sans Complex, Aubade and Parfait to name a few. (Noticeably all French, who have a knack for this line of work)

Roxy took me through each bra in intricate detail to explain where the straps should fit, how low/high the clasps at the back should sit on my back (much lower than where my current bra resides), how much of the fabric should cover my under arm areas (we all know that patch that pokes out like chicken breasts) and the basic difference between a half,  ¾  and full cup. She explained why a woman with a full bust should wear  ¾ to full cups and women with a small bust can wear all 3 styles.

What also left me with something to think about was the fabric of the bra. When looking for a new bra one should decide what the bra will be worn with. If a plain white t-shirt, then a lace bra is not an option as all the seams and lace will show through and cause a bumpy effect in the chest area. A T-shirt bra is therefore the best option.

Inner Secrets Lingerie review by Lifestyle of a PR

Sometimes we purchase on looks, appeal and sexiness and not practicality. A consultant should always offer a camisole in their change rooms allowing customers to test this theory.

From there we moved onto strapless bras, which held the same philosophy. The wire/cup should sit firmly on your skin and should not move away from your chest when raising your arms in the air. With my current bra, I was able to fit my finger in between the underwire and my torso. The top of the cup should also sit snuggly against your skin and not gape or feel like it might fall down.

After trying on approximately 15 different bra’s and having Roxy fit me into each and everyone – which is an art in itself, I found my favourite – the Simone Perele Andora. This revolutionary bra is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and holds an international statistic – 1 Andora bra is sold every minute worldwide.

Step 2: Swimwear – bikinis and full pieces

Similar principles apply to swimwear. The correctly chosen shape will help enhance the body in the right places. After fitting 8 different types of costumes and bikini’s, I found my ideal pair. A black strapless full piece by Gottex which has a built in power mesh to control the tummy and also an underwire bikini from Jolidon. This was an eye opener for me, as I swore I would never wear an underwire bikini because I didn’t think it was my style, nor in the past did it give me the cleavage and support like a string bikini does.

Inner Secrets Lingerie review by Lifestyle of a PR

Step 3: Shape Wear – enter the SPANX (and the angels start singing)

SPANX, an item I have wanted for years but didn’t know how to justify the price. However, thanks to Roxy for helping me in and out of 7 different SPANX items, (it is like getting in and out of a wetsuit) I am now the proud owner of the ‘Skinny Britches’ and the ‘Trust Your Thin-stincts’ high waisted Spanx.
Yes, the ones that Renee Zellwegger made famous after Bridget Jones was released. These in my opinion are an essential item for every woman’s wardrobe! Once you see the before and after pictures, there is no going back!

Inner Secrets Lingerie review by Lifestyle of a PRAfter an educational and fun 1.5 hours, I emptied out my purse and I walked out with

  • X2 SPANX
  • X3 Hanky Panky seamless thongs and boy shorts
  • X2 Simone Perele Andora Bra’s (straps)
  • X1 Strapless Bra

In my newly converted honest opinion, every woman should have in her underwear drawer, or in Mariah Carey’s case, a closet a:

  • Andora Bra,
  • Pair of Hanky Panky’s,
  • Strapless bra and a pair of

Do yourself a favour, take some ‘me’ time and receive a proper fitting from a professional such as Inner Secrets Lingerie. Even if you do not purchase anything, the experience is priceless – literally! If you invest in quality, well fitted lingerie that is looked after, it will last a lifetime. To find a store closest to you, visit or follow them on Twitter @Innersecrets_ct, Instagram @Innersecrets_ct, Facebook: Inner Secrets Lingerie

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