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Comedy Love Factually

After 947 performances of the record-breaking South African comedy Defending the Caveman, Committie takes a fresh look at relationships in 2016 with his hilarious new show ‘Love Factually.’

‘Love Factually’ is a brand-new comedy show exploring THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES (and the exes!) where he continues to demonstrate the funny differences between men and women by referencing iconic (scripted and non-realistic – let’s be honest) moments of popular movies such as Titanic, Ghost and Four Weddings and a Funeral, with the scene for the show set in a movie cinema – I quite enjoyed the little attention to detail of the spilled popcorn.

Committie covers the topics of internet dating, tinder, text breakups and the differences between the male and female speech centers as we try find answers to the most feared questions through his clever routine of stand up comedy and fictional relationship with a girl named Melissa – or maybe she is real? After a bit of Facebook stalking and identifying five possible ‘friends’ of Alan’s on Facebook with the name Melissa, I narrowed it down to two possibilities – one lives in Saudi Arabia, one in London, the other in Swaziland, leaving two Cape Town based ones to potentially render the stories true.

Nevertheless, he won my heart over with the introduction of his own vocabulary, consisting of words such as ‘Guylemma,’ ‘Chairdrobe’ and ‘Hyberdating’. Suffering from Portmanteau myself, and the fact that he constantly looked me in the eye the entire evening, I felt we had an extremely good connection. But in hindsight I realized it’s his sharp wit and buoyant stage presence that has the audience including myself fully engaged and captivated for the entire 2 hours.

Comedy Love Factually

His human interaction with the audience, (never sit in the first few rows) allows for hilarious impromptu interplay and his use of patrons on stage brings a fun and unscripted element to the show. In this instance, he chose a man and women to compete against each other by seeing who could fit a duvet into a duvet cover the quickest. (Naturally it was the woman who won)

Bringing in a bit of South African politics in the most clever and unobtrusive way, Alan hits the nail on the head demonstrating the trials and tribulations, drama’s and stereotypes surrounding men, women and relationships. And as we realize, at the end of the day, there really are no answers. Instead we are left to discover and enjoy the journey of our partnerships and this crazy little thing called Love.

If you enjoyed Defending the Caveman, you will absolutely love this show. A great night out for friends, couples or in my case, a night out with my mom.

The show is on until 14 May 2016 at Theatre on the Bay. Tickets range from R100 – R180 per person, so make sure you book as soon as possible via the theatre box office on 011 511 1818, or online at

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