Creating a Façade: QMS Medicosmetics Premium Collagen Facial

QMS Medicosmetics Premium Collagen Facial

I have always been too busy to manage a skincare regime, but late last year I decided to invest in a range of good quality products to suit my skin type. After consulting with Lash Master and Somatologist Emma Brink, she recommended the QMS! Medicosmetics range. I purchased the Cleanser, Toner, 24 Hour Cream and the Sport Active moisturizer. However, to kick start my new skincare regime, she recommended the QMS! Medicosmetic Premium Collagen Facial.

This facial was 1.5 hours of pure bliss. The Premium Collagen Facial has an 11 step process, which afforded me one and a half hours of luxury. My knowledgeable therapist Lindsay talked me through every step of the facial, which was extremely educational and reassuring.

1) Cleanse: Deep Cleansing

This process involved removing my make up & environmental pollutants to prepare the skin for optimal product absorption. It also regulated the pH balance of the skin.

2) Exfoliate No.1: Exfoliant Fluid

The exfoliant fluid is made up of citric, tartaric, glycolic & lactic acids and makes up a 10% peel. It moisturises and firms the skin instead of drying and flaking it. The fluid breaks down protein bonds that hold dead skin cells together and stimulates cellular renewal, working for up to 12 hours after removal to reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles.

3) Exfoliate No.2: Algae Mask

This Mask forms part of exfoliation process by removing loosened dead skin cells to lock in moisture into skin

4) Toner: Freshening Tonic

The Toner regulates the pH balance of the skin after use of the AHA’s found in the exfoliant fluid. It contains vitamin B, which prepares the skin for the next step of collagen absorption.

5) Serum: Day OR Night Collagen

Lindsay mentioned at the age of 25 collagen production slows down and by 30 it stops completely, so just as well I started now at the age of 31! The Serum holds up to 360 times it’s own weight in moisture which means that anything applied on top will be better absorbed. Natural soluble collagen is a protein therefore absorbed into the skin giving long term effects, such as moisture supply.

QMS Medicosmetics Premium Collagen Facial6) Massage: Relax o firm Mask

This was applied by Lindsay in a massage technique, which was absolute heaven.

7) Mask No.1: Relax o firm Mask (painted on)

This mask was cold and gel-like containing an intensive moisture to regenerate and plump up the skin. The function of it is also to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dehydration lines.

8) Mask No.2: Plaster of Paris Mask

This was the most mind blowing step for me, as the last time I had plaster of paris it was in Pre-School when I broke my wrist, and now it was been wrapped around face. After it set and stayed on for a while, it was removed and I kept it as a keep sake. Its sole purpose is for lifting and firming of the skin and aiding penetration of relax o firm mask in the previous step.

9) Eyes: Advanced Intensive Eye Care

Once the mask was removed (I felt like Mrs Doubtfire with it) the Intensive eye care treatment was applied to reduce and smooth fine lines and wrinkles as well as strengthening the delicate skin around eye area.

10) Moisturiser: 24hr Cream

The 24hr cream was used (which I now use every evening) to protect against moisture loss and to nourish and hydrate the skin

11) Moisturiser, SPF & Tint: Sport Active

Following this the Sport Active moisturizer was applied which has a SPF15 as well as tint to keep the firmness and prevent the skin ageing as well as premature light-induced ageing. I use this every morning instead of a foundation as the tint is good enough to give a me a natural bronzed glow.

I left The Lash & Beauty Room with my face feeling instantly firmer and with an unseen before natural glow. This was such a great experience and I have promised myself one every few months.

All QMS! Medicosmetics products are collagen based and can be used individually but using the combination of products leads to even better results as they work together to transform skin. 3 months later, after my facial and using the product set daily, my skin still feels firmer, brighter and the compliments I receive on a daily basis about the condition of my skin are plentiful. My products are still 3/4 full, which leaves me to think I will only need to purchase again in about 4-5 months. Even though the initial outlay for all the products was expensive, it only works out to approximately R300 a month, which is little price to pay for gorgeous skin.

The Lash and Beauty Room can be found at 2 Crescent Road, Corner Constantia Main Road and Crescent, Wynberg 7800. 021 761 2181. Follow them on twitter: @lashbeautyroom instagram: lashandbeautyroom and facebook: The Lash & Beauty Room

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