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After a night out at Madame Zingara a few months ago, I fell in love with my fake lashes installed for me by Lindsay Dampster of Cosmetic Candy. I had that ‘uh huh’ moment when I realized after waking up looking amazing without make up that ‘This is how they do it” – the secret women have been carrying for all these years that I just never knew about.

The Lash & Beauty RoomAfter doing some research I came across eyelash extensions. I was a bit hesitant to look any further into it because there have been many cases of reported botched jobs together with ladies developing fungal diseases. Nevertheless, I discovered The Lash and Beauty Room in Wynberg run by Emma Brink, a Lash Master and Somatologist, and after a brief telephone call, I was sold and booked an appointment.

How it works:

Eyelash Extensions are individual synthetic eyelashes which are applied with a safe medical grade bonding agent to each of the natural eyelashes to enhance your own eyelashes in length, thickness and curl.

They are semi-permanent and can last up to 2 months if cared for in the correct way.

They are perfectly safe as they are not attached to the skin and can easily be removed with a simple soak off lash removal solution, otherwise fills are done every few weeks to keep the lashes looking luscious.

The Lash & Beauty Room by Lifestyle of a PRPros:

No mascara or eye make up is required.

After a simple brush, just get up and go, which saves time during the morning rush.

They instantly give your face a bolder and brighter look – ALL the time


They need to be brushed with a special eyelash brush every morning and every evening to stop them from becoming all mangled.

Makeup removal and face washing becomes a delicate task to avoid rubbing the lashes. Constant abuse will cause them to fall out sooner, meaning your refill is scheduled for earlier than expected.

If you don’t pre-book your fills in advance, you might get stuck looking like miss blotchy mascara eyes for a few days.

Lying still for 1.5 hours is not easy.


I am now addicted, and will continue to go back for fills every few weeks. The ease of the no make up get and go vibe suits my lifestyle to a tee and The amount of compliments I receive on a daily basis is affirmation that they look good and my justification for money well spent.

They have various lash curls including B, C and L. Lengths vary from 7mm to 14mm. Thickness varies from 0.07 to 0.25mm. Colour lashes and volume lashes are also available.

Prices range from R390 – R920 depending on whether you have the top or bottom lashes done and whether you choose to go for the Classic set or Volume set.
Fills range from R15 – R750 and the soak off removal is R200

Contact The Lash and Beauty Room on 021 761 2181 or follow them on Instagram : @lashandbeautyroom and Twitter: @LashBeautyRoom or visit their website:

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