The Growth Factor: How Human Growth Factor Can Help You

AQ Skin Solutions’ has recently launched in South Africa! Its products are formulated with patented growth factor technology designed to  rejuvenate skin, hair follicles and vaginal walls. My local aesthetic salon Pulse Dermatology and Laser is one of the first to have added AQ to their service and product offering.

After a consultation, therapist and distributor Amy Bowie suggested we include the medical AQ Skin Solution Growth Factor into my micropen session to help rejuvenate my tired-looking skin, together with taking home the consumer products & serums to maximise our efforts.


GF-technology refers to AQ’s advanced, cutting edge methods of producing human growth factors and utilising them in topical skin care products. Growth factors (GF) are found in many different cell types in the human body. They are a group of specialised proteins with many functions, the most important being the activation of cellular proliferation and differentiation. Growth factors turn essential cellular activities “on” and “off,” and they play a role in increasing cell production, cell division, blood vessel production, and collagen and elastin production. In recent decades, scientific research into GF biological functions has shown that medical GF-technology is related to resolving many cell developmental diseases. But GF-technology has many other applications to human health and can also help people achieve a more youthful and vibrant look without expensive plastic surgery or Botox treatments. It can even help people obtain healthy, fuller-looking hair without the side effects of drugs.


Growth factors are vital to maintaining a youthful appearance. The skin and scalp contain multiple growth factors that regulate natural cellular renewal and damage repair processes to keep skin healthy and to maintain a normal hair growth cycle. These growth factors are responsible for helping to reverse the visible effects of chronological ageing and premature ageing due to environmental factors. The consequences of environmental exposure and the normal processes of ageing lead to excessive free radical damage of skin and scalp cellular components, resulting in the breakdown of collagen and elastin networks in the dermis and producing the effect of visible facial ageing. This same type of damage eventually impairs growth factor function, so they are less able to repair oxidative damage, and the damage becomes permanent.

Advances in GF-technology are providing help for reversing the signs of ageing. Growth factors can now be produced in a laboratory for topical use. In multiple clinical studies, topically applied GF have been shown to reduce the signs of skin ageing, including statistically significant reductions in fine lines and wrinkles and increases in dermal collagen synthesis. GF-technology is also being used successfully for encouraging healthy hair growth, reducing the appearance of scars, supporting the skin during post-procedure healing, and shortening the healing time of burn wounds.


After correspondence with Dr Ahmed, founder of AQ, it seems that opportunistic skincare marketing departments have caught on to the now positive associations with stem cells and mis-advertise their products with unsubstantiated and misinformed assertions. Despite the marketing jargon and faulty claims, some of these products that claim to contain ‘stem cell conditioned media’ or ‘stem cell extract’ do not have proven studies or data to support them. So make sure you read the label correctly and do your research before purchasing any product claiming to use stem cells.

It has been 3 weeks since the micropen treatment and 3 weeks of using the AQ Skin Solutions Serum twice a day. The effects are extremely noticeable. I was a bit skeptical at first, as I am with any treatment but I can see and feel a vast improvement not only in the pigmentation of my skin, but the firmness and brightness. As a cheaper form of botox, I can see myself using the AQ products on a regular basis, and returning for a monthly session of microneedling infused witht he AQ recovery product.

Treatment: R2735
Serum: R1830

Pulse Dermatology & Laser are the only suppliers and administrators currently in South Africa / Cape Town of AQ Skin Solution products.
IG: @pulsederm
IG: @aqskinsolutionssa
TEL: 021 914 0447


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