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Hair extensions - Lifestyle of a PR

It was only a matter of time before I discovered hair extensions. Anyone who knows me will confirm that from a young age I have had an obsession with my hair. I began using box dye at the age of 13 and salon highlights from Standard 8. Yet it wasn’t the colour that was the problem. It was the lack of length and volume, which is a common frustration amongst women.

In 2011 I went for a consultation with my hairdresser Suzette from Hairology and I was sold. I paid the deposit for a set of Great Lengths hair extensions and roughly 160 heat bonded extensions and 8 hours later I was done. Loving every moment of having them I shed a few tears when 6 months later they were removed and after 6 hours I watched R8000 being swept away.

A couple of years later through Suzette, I discovered easihair pro, who since 2001 have been committed to providing salons with beautiful options for tape-in hair extensions. They are made with 100% real Remy human hair, ensuring a high-quality, long-lasting and durable style.

Using high quality German engineered ingredients to ensure a high quality long lasting product, easihair pro works through the application of micro-thin nano-wefts that integrate and attach to your hair using a medical-grade adhesive. The nano-weft, which for the sake of explanation can be compared to two pieces of tape, sandwiches your hair between the panels. This is far better and kinder to your natural hair because no damage is caused like with the heat bonding process.


There are a few things about this product which tick all my boxes:

  1. It takes roughly an hour to apply and an hour to remove.
  2. It is non-damaging, comfortable, natural and undetectable.
  3. The system is reusable, which means your extensions will be removed, re-taped and reapplied about once every 6-8 weeks on average. I book my removal and re-application every 7 weeks when I have my highlights re-done. It can be less or more depending on how well you look after them, together with your hair growth rate.
  4. Brushing and treating your hair remains the same as if they were never there.
  5. My boyfriend cannot feel them in my hair (unlike the heat bonded ones where your fingers and sunglasses get stuck in between).

This means that if after 6-8 weeks you want to go short, the hair extensions are yours to keep and reapplied at your convenience, or when you have the money.

What makes easihair pro different is their commitment to technology, innovation, education and their expert experience. Their technology allows for a faster, safer and more affordable experience. easihair pros innovation of nano-weft technology makes it the thinnest, safest, most versatile, most comfortable and most natural way to amplify hair.

The colour range is diverse and easihair pro is offered in 29 solids, dual blends and tri-blends which can be mixed and matched together during a consultation with you stylist to match your original hair colour. I have a mix of 3 different blondes which have been perfectly integrated: white chocolate, creme soda and buttered popcorn.

easihair pro is a professional-only brand which requires each stylist to become certified before being able to install the extensions. Their salon or the salon within which they work is then marketed as an easihair pro certified salon. To ensure a perfect application and the correct removal and re-taping of the extensions, it is not sold direct to the public and needs to be installed by a certified stylist/salon.

I have been using my hair extensions for just over 2 years, and I cannot live without them. A few times I have tried leaving them out for a week or two, but this doesn’t last more than 4 days and they are back in! Looking at lifeless ratty hair all day long when you know what your hair could look like gets me every time.

Hair extensions - Lifestyle of a PR

What are the costs and the maintenance involved?

Each certified salon charges their own individual rates but you are looking at somewhere around the following:
1 box (12inch) just to add volume – R1900 incl application
3 boxes (12inch)for full head – R5700 incl application
1 box of 12 inch hair – R1500
1 box 16 inch hair – R2998
R200 per box to remove (if not reinstalling)
R600 per box to reapply (remove, clean, retape and reapply)
Current special: Care Kit consisting of a detangling brush, shampoo, conditioner and heat treat & shine for R730

Hair extensions - Lifestyle of a PR

The cons:

  • It becomes costly to maintain.
  • Depending how long you leave your hair or how bad you treat it, you could get slippage allowing the hair extensions to easily fall out.

The pros:

  • Gorgeous, luscious, voluminous hair every day.
  • The extensions are yours to keep and reuse.
  • Application is 1 hour and 15 minutes as opposed to 6-8 hours.
  • Name brand haircare products are available.

Even celebrities like Tracy McGregor, Mishka Patel and Jade Hubner are firm ambassadors of the brand and its unique selling points, rating it the best hair extension system that they have experienced.

Stockist locator:

Hairology – Diep River (My stylist Suzette owns the salon)
Spoilt – Green Point
Erane Hobbs – Durbanville
Hacket Beautiful – Bellville
Will Roberts – Blouberg
Marios – Plumstead
The Hair Café – Tokai Steenberg Village
Oshun – Noordhoek

Visit their Website: / Facebook: easihairpro South Africa / Twitter: @easihairpro / Instagram: easihairpro

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