Juicing: Botox in a Bottle

Following Ironman, I decided to rid my body of all the high sugar energy bars and gels I had been consuming and challenge myself to a juicing detox. After doing some research, I came across The Skinny Juice Co based at Mason’s Press in Woodstock.

Juicing is one of the most effective ways of getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to kickstart your immune system and get rid of all the toxins that build up over time. It has also proven to achieve beautifying results of glowing clear skin, sparkly eyes, strong hair, nails and loads of energy leaving you feeling fresher, healthier and much lighter than before. And best of all prolongs wrinkles.

A week before deciding to start my juice cleanse, I was advised to cut back on daily indulgences such as coffee, caffeine, processed carbs, refined sugars and start taking in more water. The point of this is to allow your body to ease into the cleanse which makes it less of a shock to the system.

I opted for the 5 day juice cleanse, which consisted of 25 x 500ml Skinnys that are recommend for slow drinking every 2/3 hours.
There are 5 flavours of cold pressed juices: Skinny D-Tox, Skinny Beet, Skinny Root, Skinny Burner and Skinny Crumble, all numbered 1 – 25. They must be consumed in the order given as different nutrients and ingredients are broken down successfully and absorbed by the body at different times of the day.


Notes to remember when Juicing:

  • Drink 500ml of hot water, ginger and lemon first thing every morning to kick start your day
  • Drink 8 glasses of water everyday
  • Light exercise only such as a walk, slow run or hike is a good idea (however I carried on with cycling and swimming and found I actually performed better)
  • Take a daily pro-biotic to avoid constipation
  • If during your cleanse you feel completely flat and need solids, have a few slices of apple or cucumber.

Day 1:
The first two juices were great and tasty but by the third one I was feeling a bit hungry. However by the time I got to the fourth and final juice I was feeling full and content with my day of juicing. It took super powers to avoid the daily coffee and rusk intake. I also found it made me extremely thirsty, which on the good side helped the effort of drinking my 8 glasses of water.

Day 2:
Day two went well but the struggle for food was real. I felt hungry and a bit ‘headachy’ but all that subsided when I went to a cocktail event that evening and found myself very easily turning down the canapés and complimentary bubbly. Surprised with myself, I knew I could get through these 5 days. Quite honestly, I think eating and decision making around it is a mental thing, and if you can overcome that, something like juicing is easy. It becomes a way of life more than a decision.

Day 3:
I woke up on day 3 feeling amazing. I felt cleansed, un-bloated and more energized. Most of my friends decided to try the juicing as well and couldn’t get past day one due to the taste of the juices and the lack of eating something solid. I on the other hand absolutely loved the juices with the Skinny Beet and Skinny Crumble rated my top two.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 4.03.07 PM

Day 4:
Day four was tough as it was a Friday and the evening drinks and dinner with the girls felt a bit awkward as I arrived with my juice and declined the pizza and wine. However at the end of the evening I was extremely proud of myself for not succumbing to the peer pressure of my friends.

Day 5:
After a good 60km morning cycle I was really impressed that the 4 days of juicing did not affect my training. I felt as if I actually performed better than on previous cycles. Turning down the steak and red wine at a braai that evening was tough – public ridicule and eye rolling was enormous, but I knew it was my last day and I felt good that I had followed through and achieved something.

I have since done 3 juice cleanses. They recommend doing one every 3-6 months. I found it left me feeling energized, clean, healthy, refreshed and made me realize I did not have to eat so much during the day and that juicing can completely satisfy your hunger. I also found this sort of ‘diet’ very convenient. For someone in my industry, who is always on the go you don’t need to think of what to eat or make for lunch and dinner everyday. Just pack your 5 juices into a cooler box and off you go. It’s also a misperception that people juice only to lose weight. I eat a fairly healthy and clean diet so I never lost any weight whilst juicing, but did it more to detox and get back into a healthy way of life.

Juicing is definitely not for everyone, just like banting and other fad diets, but for a once off cleanse every now and then, I highly recommend it.

Juicing options: 1 day (R300), 3 day (R750), 5 day (R1250), 7 day (R1750) and 10 day (R2500).

Visit their website www.theskinnyjuiceco.com or follow them on
Twitter: @SkinnyJuiceCo



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