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There is nothing better than having well manicured nails. Whether it be gelish or a standard paint, women always look and feel more elegant, confident and well looked after when their nails are done. However, for me it’s disheartening as I only feel this way for one or two days post manicure because my nail lacquer never lasts longer than those two days. I find I am extremely hard on my hands resulting in the nail lacquer chipping within a few days of the application. Training for triathlons and constantly being a bike mechanic together with the daily PR requirements, “long lasting” are two words that do not sit in my vocabulary.

When I heard about the new breakthrough technology from Morgan Taylor in the form of their new ‘long lasting’ base coat and top coat called REACT, I needed to investigate whether it was true or a marketing ploy to invest in yet another product.

REACT is a breakthrough in shine and wear of your existing nail lacquer without you having to invest in an entirely new colour line. The patent-pending Gelish Infused technology bonds with your nail lacquer for up to 10-days of wear. Their REACT Base Coat provides radical colour adhesion, while REACT Top Coat seals the deal with chip resistance.

REACT nail lacquer

The REACT Base Coat is a no-light extended wear base coat. This hybrid base coat applies like standard nail lacquer, with no LED light needed, and has an easy soak-free removal. Its stain protection helps maintain the integrity of the natural nail. The REACT Top Coat, also a no-light extended wear top coat contains the Gelish Infused technology and is the most versatile hybrid system on the market. This top coat provides outstanding shine that cannot be matched and is chip resistance for up to 10 days of wear. It also applies like standard nail lacquer, with no LED light needed, and has an easy soak-free removal.

The launch was held at Asoka in Cape Town where the invited guests were allowed to choose their desired colour of Morgan Taylor lacquer for the ladies from Fox Box to apply and to explain how REACT works.

react nail morgan taylor
I decided on a classic red colour in addition to a bit of gold sparkle. Having kept a daily diary of the results for those 10 days, I found that only on day 8 did chipping begin. Stilled impressed that with my hard working hands, the nail lacquer lasted eight days as opposed to my normal two. When the time came to remove the nail lacquer, it wiped off quite easily with normal Cutex nail polish remover. Aside from my nails looking and feeling as if it were a relish application, the ‘long lasting’ technological aspects of REACT work and I recommend it as a must have product for your beauty shelf.

Both the Base and Top Coat retail for R184 each.

To find out more, visit Sparkle SA’s website: or follow them on Twitter: @sparkle_sa and Instagram: SPARKLESA or Morgan Taylor South Africa on Instagram: morgantaylorsa or Twitter: morgantaylorSA

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