The Rise of Athleisure with Spanx Shaping Leggings

SPANX ® the brand that has revolutionized shapewear for women recently introduced a range of shaping leggings. The leggings are made of cotton, yet have the shaping power of traditional SPANX under garments.

Of particular interest to me were the Cropped Athletic Seamless Leggings. According to them, the Cropped Athletic Seamless Leggings are designed to take you from grocery runs to brunch dates and everywhere in between. With a wide waistband and seamless yarns, this style keeps you comfortably controlled all day. The seamless shaping smoothes all around and the impeccable fit makes legs look amazing.

I decided to purchase a pair and test them out to see what the hype was about. The first thing I noticed was how fabulous they felt. They were soft and seamless and didn’t quite feel like I was even wearing anything. The higher top waistband tucked the tummy and gave an instant snug fit.

To see how versatile they were, I elected to do 5 activities:

  1. Track training session at the Greenpoint Athletics Track
  2. 10km Run
  3. Cardio work at the Gym
  4. Pilates at the Virgin Active
  5. Daily activities from morning until evening

athletic leggings spanx


  1. These pants are similar to a pair of stockings. Because they have the shape wear formula within the material, you need to fit them on like stockings or a wetsuit from bottom to top to ensure the correct fit, otherwise they will always feel as if they are falling down. The pants felt comfy during our 45 min track session and I don’t have any complaints about them, however I would prefer running in my compression 2XU leggings, which are a bit more constricting and water repellant.
  1. Built for Athleisure wear, I was taking things a little bit to far by running 10km in these leggings, but seen as flattering ladies sporting gear is often hard to come by I thought I’d give it a try. As per my previous experience, the pants felt great to run in, but after about 5km the waistband felt a bit loose and even though I didn’t have to pull them up, it felt like I should. This boils down to the composition of the leggings and making sure they are fitted properly.
  1. These pants are perfect for the gym! Not only do you feel hot walking around in them knowing that your butt is being well supported, but I enjoyed working out in them. Workouts this day consisted of the stepping machine, fitness flyer, stationery bike and core (floor) work. I found myself looking into the mirror at every opportunity given to spot the embarrassing sweat marks in the crutch area or anywhere else but found none!
  1. Being a novice at anything to do with flexing the body, I moved around very easily in these leggings and found them working well for activities such as Yoga, Barre Body (which is now offered at Virgin Active) and strength work.
  1. Deciding to start layering and accessorizing, I spent the day running around in the leggings getting ready for our trip to the Knysna Oyster Festival. From grocery runs to bikes shops, the bank, petrol stations, race registration and dinner, they proved to be the most comfortable and versatile pair of leggings in my wardrobe!

What I love best about these leggings is being able to dress them up and down and creating layered looks using my chunky winter knits and knowing that they look stylish and cool no matter what, where or how I wear them! They are the perfect item to mix and match accessories.

Find a stockist of SPANX by visiting the PDL Distributors website: or find them on social media:
Twitter: @PDLDistributors @Spanx
Instagram: pdl_distributors / spanx
RSP: R1330



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